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If you need immediate attention or have an emergency, please call us in Fort Myers 24/7 at:

Commercial Roofing: (239) 337-1300
Residential Roofing: (239) 337-0026
Air Conditioning: (239) 337-4638

Fort Myers, Florida

Whether your project is new construction or you’re re-roofing an existing building, Crowther Roofing is the company of choice. With a fleet of more than 425 well-maintained service vehicles, Crowther has been a certified applicator of the industry's major roofing materials for over 60 years.

Crowther is consistently ranked in the upper 1/10th of 1% of all contractors nationally for financial stability, relieving you of worry about liens and other fiscal headaches. We provide detailed estimates, Florida certified engineering, professional design and timely delivery.

Commercial Services
2543 Rockfill Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33916

Roofing: (239) 337-1300
Air Conditioning: (239) 337-4638


  • Built-Up Roofing
  • Single Ply Roofing
  • Sheet metal Roofing
  • Tile and Shingle Roofing
  • Lightweight Insulating Concrete
  • Light Gauge Steel Trusses
  • H.V.A.C.
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Above and Below Grade Waterproofing

Residential Services
11791 Metro Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33966

Roofing: (239) 337-0026
Air Conditioning: (239) 337-4638

Showroom Hours

Monday: 8AM - 5PM
Tuesday: 8AM - 5PM
Wednesday: 8AM - 5PM
Thursday: 8AM - 5PM
Friday: 8AM - 5PM

  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Repair & Leak Detection
  • Roof Cleaning (Roof-A-Cide)
  • Hurricane Proofing
  • Roof Inspections & Maintenance