Energy Savings & Quiet: Lightweight Insulating Concrete

Stands out as a versatile option offering numerous benefits, especially for projects requiring efficient insulation, soundproofing, or lightweight solutions.

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Lightweight Insulating Concrete

LWIC is made by mixing cement with lightweight aggregates like expanded polystyrene beads, it boasts impressive insulating properties, translating to lower energy bills and comfortable indoor temperatures. While lighter than traditional concrete, it maintains sufficient strength for various structural applications.

Advantages extend beyond functionality. LWIC's fire resistance enhances building safety, while its durability protects against mold, rot, and pests, extending the lifespan of structures.

The benefits of LWIC extend beyond its physical properties. It enhances energy efficiency by providing excellent thermal insulation, reducing heating and cooling costs significantly. Moreover, its sound insulation capabilities contribute to quieter living and working environments. LWIC's inherent fire resistance improves the safety of buildings, while its resistance to mold, rot, and pests extends the lifespan of construction elements. Furthermore, its use can contribute to LEED points for sustainable building certifications due to its energy efficiency and incorporation of recycled materials. These attributes underscore LWIC's role in promoting not only environmentally responsible construction practices but also long-term cost savings through improved energy efficiency and durability.

While Lightweight Insulating Concrete may present a higher initial cost compared to traditional materials, its benefits in terms of energy savings and reduced maintenance can offset these costs over time.

We have specially trained technicians who can install this type of insulation in new construction and retrofit projects.

Some of the benefits of our Lightweight Insulating Concrete services include:

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