Life of a Sheet Metal Superintendent

A Sheet Metal Superintendent

Experience dynamic sheet metal work with Crowther Roofing's elite team.

Day in the life of a Sheet Metal Superintendent at Crowther Roofing and Cooling in Fort Myers. Sarasota. Jupiter

Whether a project is for new construction or a total roof replacement of an existing building, Crowther Roofing is the company of choice for flat/sloped roofing. With a fleet of more than 450 well-maintained service vehicles, Crowther has been a certified applicator for over 60 years for the industry's major roofing material manufacturers. Crowther is consistently ranked in the upper 1/10th of 1% of all contractors nationally for financial stability and provides detailed estimates, Florida-certified engineering, professional design, and timely delivery. If you join us in our Sheet Metal Division, you will have an interesting and exciting day.

5:30 AM – Acquire all materials, including sheet metal and custom fabrications.

6:30 AM – Travel to job sites and check each location for proper installation of panels and specialty fabrications.

8:00 AM - While on the job site fabricate panels using Roll Former (see the machine in photo).

10:00 AM – Use a crane to move materials to the roof or into position on the ground.

3:00 PM – Return to Sheet Metal Shop on-site at Crowther Headquarters. Fill out Material Request Sheets as part of planning for the next day’s work (caulking, screws, rivets, and rags).

3:30 – Review shop drawings to ascertain if the plans and materials are appropriate for the job. Determine whether there are special metal fabrications to be produced such as vent hoods, ridge vents, or stacks.

4:00 – Knock-off for the day.

As a sheet metal Superintendent, you will be a leader in the field, responsible for coordination with the General Contractor, and Crowther’s on-site Team. If you don’t want to sit behind a desk or incur college debt, consider a career with Crowther! We start you off as a helper and train you to become a Foreman/Senior Foreman and Superintendent.

To apply for a job at Crowther, send your resume to or report to Building 8, 2543 Rockfill Road, Ft. Myers 33916