Protect Your Roof with Wind Mitigation

Wind mitigation is a critical consideration for any homeowner in the region.

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Effective wind mitigation can protect your home, reduce insurance costs, and increase overall safety for you and your family. Here’s what you need to know about wind mitigation for your roof in Fort Myers.

Why Wind Mitigation Matters

Florida's building codes are strict for a reason. Homes built to code are better equipped to handle strong winds. A wind mitigation inspection assesses your roof's ability to withstand wind gusts. This inspection can unlock significant savings on your homeowner's insurance – sometimes up to 40% or more!

A qualified inspector will examine key features of your roof that contribute to wind resistance. These include:

  • Roof Covering: Metal roofs and certain types of shingles typically fare better in high winds.
  • Roof Shape: Hip roofs offer a lower profile and experience less wind uplift compared to gable roofs.
  • Roof Deck Attachment: Inspectors will check the number, size, and spacing of nails securing the roof deck to the trusses.
  • Roof-to-Wall Connection: Metal hurricane straps or clips play a vital role in anchoring the roof to the walls of your home.
  • Secondary Water Barrier: This underlayment provides an extra layer of protection in case the roof shingles are blown off, preventing leaks.

Benefits Beyond Savings

Wind mitigation isn't just about saving money. A roof certified for wind resistance offers peace of mind knowing your home is better protected during a storm. It's also important to consider mitigation features for other openings of the home, such as windows and doors.  Use impact-resistant glass or protective shutters for windows and doors, ensuring they are less likely to break during storms. By securing these openings, you not only improve wind mitigation but also add an additional layer of security and insulation to your home. This can also be a selling point if you plan to put your house on the market someday.

Next Steps

  • Schedule an Inspection: Contact a licensed wind mitigation inspector in SWFL. They will conduct a thorough inspection and provide a report you can submit to your insurance company. We recommend Wind at 817-888-1930.
  • Understand Your Roof: Familiarize yourself with your roof's age, materials, and any recent repairs. This will help you understand the inspector's findings.
  • Consider Upgrades: If your roof falls short in some areas, consult a qualified roofing contractor about potential upgrades to improve wind resistance.

By taking steps toward wind mitigation, you're making a smart investment in your home's safety and value. Remember, a hurricane-ready roof is a key element in protecting your loved ones and your property during a storm.