Benefits of Non-Commissioned HVAC Technicians

Non-commissioned based techs Prioritize your needs, not commissions.

Benefits of non comission service tech by Crowther Roofing and Cooling in Fort Myers and Sarasota

From a customer's perspective, the commission-based pay structure for service technicians, including those in the HVAC industry, can present several disadvantages. While this model incentivizes technicians to work efficiently and may encourage them to offer additional services, it can also lead to concerns about the quality of service and overall customer experience. Here are some potential disadvantages:

  • Upselling Pressure: Technicians may be incentivized to upsell products or services that the customer doesn't need. This can lead to mistrust, as customers might question whether recommendations are made in their best interest or if they're merely tactics to increase the technician's earnings.
  • Quality of Work: There's a possibility that a commission-based technician might prioritize speed over quality to complete more jobs in a day, potentially leading to subpar workmanship. This rush can result in overlooked details or shortcuts that compromise the service's quality or durability.
  • Inconsistent Service Fees: Customers might face inconsistent pricing for the same services, as technicians working on commission could have more flexibility or incentive to charge higher rates to increase their earnings. This variability can frustrate customers who expect pricing transparency and consistency.
  • Ethical Concerns: The commission model can create ethical dilemmas where technicians feel pressured to make sales to earn a decent income. This pressure might lead to exaggerated claims about the necessity of certain services or products, eroding trust between customers and service providers.
  • Customer Pressure: Knowing that a technician's pay is commission-based, customers might feel pressured to purchase additional services or products to support the technician, even if they don't need them. This dynamic can detract from the customer's experience and satisfaction.
  • Reduced Focus on Customer Service: In some cases, the drive to increase sales and services per visit might lead technicians to prioritize jobs based on potential earnings rather than customer needs or satisfaction. This focus can detract from building long-term customer relationships and trust.

In summary, while commission-based compensation models can motivate technicians to work efficiently and offer comprehensive services, they can also lead to practices that may not always align with the best interests or expectations of customers. 

At Crowther Roofing and Cooling, our service techs are non-commissioned.  We charge a fair labor rate, while some companies pitch a low-price rate or deal, and when the service tech arrives, they upsell you services and/or products you may or may not need. We believe in delivering good service and earning trust.