Division 10 Specialties

(Formerly Absolute Specialties)

Absolute Specialties and Crowther Roofing have teamed up! We are now the Division 10 Specialties department of Crowther Roofing now known as “Absolute Crowther Specialties”. Terri Crowther has owned and operated Absolute Specialties since 2005 and due to the family ties and the customer base that both companies deal with, it seemed a good fit to incorporate this division into the Crowther family business.

Having over 20 years of experience in Division 10, we will continue to service our existing and new customers by bidding your projects and furnishing and installing material for your projects. We will continue to work closely with our customers to ensure we meet our customer’s needs.

We specialize in commercial construction and supply and install the following items:

Toilet partitions, accessories, fire extinguishers, and cabinets, walk-off floor mats, flagpoles, cubicle curtains and track, marker & tack boards, visual display boards, projection screens, lockers, postal specialties, wire mesh partitions, and bicycle racks. We have an installation department to ensure your products are installed correctly and within ADA compliance. We sell material all over the state of Florida and our installation team travels throughout the southwest Florida area.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with our existing customers and providing services for many new customers.

If you are looking for quality service and competitive pricing for your projects, call or email us with your project information for your free estimate. Our direct department phone is (239) 489-0089 or email us at estimating@crowther.net.

Toilet Partitions
Toilet partitions at FGCU Campus
Absolute Specialties Lockers
Lockers at FGCU Campus

Absolute Specialties Bathroom Partitions
Toilet partitions at FGCU Campus