Summer Golf July 17th 2019 with Crowther Roofing

In above photos:

Jesse Rajala, Crowther Roofing- Sandy Spindler ,Crowther Roofing-

Matt Baker, Continental Realty Corporation- Christine Parmalee, Sunburst - Wes Brewer, Private Client - John Strohm, Alliant Management -

Karen Kari, St. Kitts/ Castle Group- Soni Kayse, Marina Bay Club/ Sandcastle Management Group

What a great day for another successful Summer Golf 2019!

33 of us gathered for fun in the sun golfing at the Pelican Sound Golf & River Club at Pelican Sound in Estero FL.

5 other venders along with Crowther Roofing, sponsor this event for area property managers to make friends and thank them for being our customers.