RoofCheck Maintenance Program


This is very important. A must-see. The documentation of how your roof looks with or without a major storm can not only affect your property inside your home but also your proof to your insurance carrier of what it looked like before a major storm comes. Protect your biggest investment, YOUR HOME! Preventive Maintenance will cost you a little. but in the long run, it saves you from having to spend a lot if something goes wrong.

In this "RoofCheck"

  • Cleaning Debris
  • Puncture in Base Flashing
  • Investigating Counter Flashing
  • Deteriorated Veral at Base Flashing
  • Inspect for Deficiencies / Debris in Drains
  • Document all Components
  • Identified Water Blister
  • Document for Repairs
  • Cleaning & Sealing A/C Legs
  • Documenting Maintenance Needed
  • Resealing AC Stand Legs
  • Investigating Tile Roof System

"There is only ONE Crowther Roofing"

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