Jack Shelley's Eagle Scout Project - Troop 193,

We wanted to share a little story from a local high school student here in Fort Myers. Holly Wademan introduced Nicole Crowther to Jack Shelley's Eagle Scout Project - Troop 193, a student at Fort Myers High School, who was working to obtain his status as an official Eagle Scout but first had to complete a project of his choosing. Jack decided he wanted to build an awning off the side of one of the sports buildings at Fort Myers Senior High School, where students regularly stood with no cover or shade. Jack asked for our assistance in bringing his vision to life and we were happy to help. Nestor Mejia surveyed the site and provided guidance for Jack and his team, while Javier Castro assisted Nicole in fabricating the panels, and Julio Lopez delivered them to the job site. We’re happy to hear that Jack finished the project and it looks great! 😊

Congrats Jack! We look forward to seeing all your success in the future.

- Team Crowther